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A repository of Pyomo examples.

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ND Pyomo Cookbook

ND Pyomo Cookbook is a collection of notebooks showing how to use Pyomo to solve modeling and optimization problems. With Pyomo, one can embed within Python an optimization model consisting of decision variables, constraints, and an optimization objective. A rich set of features enables the modeling and analysis of complex systems.

The notebooks in this collection were developed for instructional purposes at Notre Dame. Originally developed using the Anaconda distribution of Python, the notebooks have been updated to open directly Google Colaboratory where they can be run using only a browser window.

PyomoFest at Notre Dame was held June 5-7, 2018. This repository contains the agenda, slides and exercises distributed during that event.

Table of Contents

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Python Module Index

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Chapter 1.0 Getting Started with Pyomo

Chapter 2.0 Linear Programming

Chapter 3.0 Assignment Problems

Chapter 4.0 Scheduling with Disjunctive Constraints

Chapter 5.0 Simulation

Chapter 6.0 Differential-Algebraic Equations

Chapter 7.0 Parameter Estimation

Chapter 8.0 Financial Applications

Appendix A. A.0 Style Guide