Chapter 1.0 CBE 61622

Chapter 2.0 Working with Particle

2.1 Particle Command Line Interface

2.2 Coding for Particle

2.3 Particle Command Line Interface (CLI)

2.4 Ultrasonic Distance Ranger

2.5 Simple Stop Watch using Interrupts

Chapter 3.0 Enabling the Internet of Things

3.1 Publishing an Experiment via MQTT

3.2 Accessing a Remote Experiment via MQTT

3.3 Accessing MQTT Devices

Chapter 4.0 Signal Conditioning

Chapter 5.0 Anomaly Detection

Chapter 6.0 Images and Vision

Chapter 7.0 Chemical Instrumentation

Chapter 8.0 Feedback Control

Chapter 9.0 Interfacing with Laboratory Equipment

9.1 Communicating via TCP

9.2 Stepper Motor Control via I2C

Chapter 10.0 Projects

Appendix A. A.0 Python Source Library

A.1 Resources

A.2 Downloading Python source files from github

A.3 Getting Started with Pymata4

A.4 Scheduling Real-Time Events with Simpy