Chemical Process Control

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Chemical Process Control

This git repository comprises a collection of Matlab scripts, Simulink models, and Jupyter/Python notebooks in support of a course entitled CBE 30338 Chemical Process Control.

These materials have been developed over time in multiple formats:

Format Descripton
.m Matlab file or script
.slx Simulink model
.pdf PDF document produced with Matlab publish
.ipynb Jupyter/Python notebook (via nbviewer)

0. Getting Started

  • Getting Started with Python [.ipynb]
  • Python Tutorial [.ipynb]

1. First and Second Order Linear Systems

  • One Compartment Pharacokinetics Model [.ipynb]
  • Second Order Linear Systems [.ipynb]
  • Manometer [.ipynb]
  • Assignment_02 [.ipynb]

2. Nonlinear Models

3. Linear Approximations

  • Linear Approximation of Process Models [.ipynb]

4. Transfer Functions

  • Getting Started with Transfer Functions [.ipynb]
  • Block Diagrams [.ipynb]

5. PID Control

  • PI Control Tuning [.ipynb]
  • Implementing PID Control in Nonlinear Simulations [.ipynb]

6. Frequency Domain Control Design

  • Bode Plot [.ipynb]
  • Controller Tuning Rules in Frequency Domain [.ipynb]

7. Applications

  • Baroreflex as a Linear Control System [.ipynb]


8. Feedback Controllers

  • Ch08_BallBeam [.m][.pdf][.ipynb]
  • Ch08_Bioreactor_Continuous [.m][.pdf]
  • Ch08_BlendingTankControl [.m][.pdf]
  • Gravity Tanks PID Control (Simulink) [.slx]

11. Closed-Loop Dynamics

  • Ch11_ClosedLoopDemo_Full [.m][.pdf]
  • Ch11_ClosedLoopDemo [.m][.pdf]

12. PID Control

14. Frequency Domain Control Design

17. Sampling and Signal Reconstruction

  • Zero Order Hold and Interpolation [.ipynb]

19. Real-Time Optimization

20. Model Predictive Control

21. Process Monitoring

23. Biosystems Control

  • Ch23_E01_bioreactor [.m]
  • Ch23_E01_bioreactor_PID [.m]
  • Ch23_E01_bioreactor_mdl [.mdl]
  • Ch23_E01_bioreactor_mdl_mpc [.mdl]

23. Dynamics and Control of Biological Systems

  • Ch24_CircadianClock [.m][.pdf]
  • Ch24_EnzymeKinetics [.m][.pdf]

Deprecated Models